The Story

Telling a story is an important aspect of photography. It’s not necessarily the one still picture saying it all. It’s usually about the process of moving through different photos shot in series.
I had this part of my life when I was driven into looking outside the stills and into the video media. I quickly found that this is not working out for me. I can’t go out and shoot video footage and then edit. The process felt alien to me. I was still looking for a way to tell a story. And just like when you pick a piece of paper and you write, there should be a beginning, middle and the end.
This could translate to an opening photo. It should tell what the story is about, maybe it will present the time of the story, place and even the main character. And then we can keep going from here as the story unfolds.

I looked over my work so far and the closest thing I came to telling a story was when I was walking towards a place and shooting on the go.

Knowing what story you want to tell is not necessary for this type of project but when you find the story work it out. Don’t try and capture the stunning still but rather work the whole scene so that you have enough footage to put the picture together and tell the story in a series of few images.

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