The need for tripod

It so often happens that I’m in need of a good tripod. Usually it’s when I shoot during the night. Night is one of my favorite times for taking photos but I almost never take tripod with me. That’s probably why many of my shots end up being blurry or noisy. Or both.

20151125_Sofia_Night_001 20151125_Sofia_Night_007 20151125_Sofia_Night_006 20151125_Sofia_Night_005


20151125_Sofia_Night_004 20151125_Sofia_Night_003

One very good example:


If you’re like me I strongly suggest that you take the time and:

  • Find a good tripod
  • Find a nice way of carrying it with you – attached to your backpack is a nice way
  • Use it often 🙂

I will try to take this advice seriously too.

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