I’ve never been more excited about shooting the unseen. Yes, I’m into conceptual photography and I often shoot abstract photos mostly in black and white. Going to IR was a different experience for me. Seeing the world at 690 nm is not something we are used to.

At first every photo I took was interesting. Seeing a white tree for example. Then I started experiencing my usual way of shooting with the infrared camera. That was not working very well because everything was different. Even exposure is working differently because IR is only seen by sensor but with the penta mirror on it’s hard for the camera to meter correctly.

So I took my time and eventually I decided to get this camera with me in the local mountains. I quickly realized that the shade under the trees behaves differently. It’s somehow lighter than it seems. We were out around noon and there was lots of light and hard shadows but when I made few shots I saw on the small display on the back of my camera that it doesn’t seems so for that type of shooting. So I kept going. The results are pretty interesting.

20160528_Vitosha_024 20160528_Vitosha_034 20160528_Vitosha_037

What is really interesting are the portraits. Infrared does something great to skin – it makes it nice and smooth. What it also does is take down most of the distracting elements and keep the shot constrained to what matters – the model.

20160528_Vitosha_029 20160528_Vitosha_043 20160528_Vitosha_011 20160528_Vitosha_021