Today I was researching on HDR a bit. I looked through several products:

  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • Photomatix

I used only Photoshop before but I think that its workflow is rather tedious. It’s nice when you want to make the best out of a photo but if you just want to process that HDR photos from the day I think Lightroom is better. On the other hand Photomatix gives some really nice options but it’s rather easy to overdo the photos there. They can quickly become unrealistic and that bothers me a lot.

I’ve seen plenty of good examples of HDRs that were processed in a bad way. I know there are many who will disagree saying that those surreal photos are interesting but try looking at such photos for few days and I’m sure you’ll get over it 🙂 I mean – OK, they are interesting at first but they don’t have a stylish and clean look to them. I think that a good photo should be clean, with only a few objects that are well separated. In the above HDR photo I was aiming for just that but there are few things that bothers me:

  • The trees below add too much complexity to this image. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a better view angle. I wanted to be higher but it was not possible.
  • There is an intersection near the crane on its left. I tried avoiding much of its impact by cropping it the way I did but it’s still there. I could remove it in post-process but I don’t think it’s worth the work.

What I like about this image:

  • The elements are pretty neatly organized.
  • Most parts are well separated with nice clean sky for background.
  • The HDR gave a good result on depth of shadows on the buildings. They pop a little more that way.

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