Daily Archives: January 26, 2017

I was going through some photography work on Flickr today. I saw many good photos but one artist got my attention. His work is dreamy and very emotional:

Things Left Unsaid

For Those That Like To Walk Alone

We're All The Same


I like the simplicity the most – it’s just bunch of trees and not much to it but a good composition. The mist makes it more interesting on some of the shots of course but the main idea is always simple and easy to see.

Every Year Is A New Beginning

Let's Take A Walk

I enjoy the sense of freedom in his work. He is not bound to common misconception that for example central composition is necessarily bad:


Through And Through

Building 641B

Experimenting with both color and black & white is important to me in general. I believe that different situations asks for different approach to how we present it. With those final words I’m letting go and I dare you to dive into his beautiful landscapes and for a moment lose yourself. Let them impact you and lead you to a special experience of your own. Enjoy them!

Far Away From It All

Land Sculptures


The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side

I Won't Let The Shadows Take Their Toll

John Westrock website