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I was going through some photography work on Flickr today. I saw many good photos but one artist got my attention. His work is dreamy and very emotional:

Things Left Unsaid

For Those That Like To Walk Alone

We're All The Same


I like the simplicity the most – it’s just bunch of trees and not much to it but a good composition. The mist makes it more interesting on some of the shots of course but the main idea is always simple and easy to see.

Every Year Is A New Beginning

Let's Take A Walk

I enjoy the sense of freedom in his work. He is not bound to common misconception that for example central composition is necessarily bad:


Through And Through

Building 641B

Experimenting with both color and black & white is important to me in general. I believe that different situations asks for different approach to how we present it. With those final words I’m letting go and I dare you to dive into his beautiful landscapes and for a moment lose yourself. Let them impact you and lead you to a special experience of your own. Enjoy them!

Far Away From It All

Land Sculptures


The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side

I Won't Let The Shadows Take Their Toll

John Westrock website

I’m sure that many of you don’t feel that pain but for me winter feels like the end of my photo journey.

Okay, maybe I should rephrase. When it’s cold I don’t feel like engaging into any photography shooting sessions. My fingers gets cold, I don’t feel well enough to even begin sensing any inspiration to take this next shot which might feel just right.

That’s bad because this inability somehow transfers to the other photo work I do. And should I stop shooting indoors too? Of course not.

In an attempt to work out this problem I created some macro work at home. Pretty abstract and not that good but it was an attempt in the right direction. I think making portraits is also a good idea.

Now that I’m thinking about it… there is one printer in the room which I haven’t even used that much. I feel bad about that. Portraits are fun way to experiment and learn and lately one very inspirational part of this experience for me is a software for setting up lights that I’ve been testing.

I will write more about it in another blog. So, there is quite a bit to do during winter. I guess fear and lack of inspiration are the real enemies here. It’s hardly just the cold weather 🙂